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"The thing about Sungevity is it’s a mission based company. The team is so energized and fired up about what we do and when you go home at the end of the day, you know you’ve made a change in the world and that means everything. Period."

Andrew Birch, CEO

Field Engagement

“I'm the first step in changing people’s lives. Solar is the future and I'm helping people get there.”

- Thaian V.

Lead Generation

“Whether in the office or out in the field, Sungevity provides a close-knit work environment that sets you up for a career in clean energy.”

- Callie S.

Remote Solar Design

“I love my role at Sungevity because each time I design a system, I know I’m helping to create a better energy future for the customer and the planet."

- Maxim L.

Solar Consultant

“I help my customers save money on their electricity bills AND create a positive impact on the world. It’s really rewarding.”

- Sarah F.


“We turn a remote solar system design into reality. My coworkers are smart, motivated, and passionate about changing the way we power our lives.”

- Jeff K.

Customer Experience

“I love hearing the excitement in customers’ voices when they talk about Sungevity. Everyone here is dedicated to creating the best customer experience possible, and it shows.”

- Chelsea S.

5 tips to help you ace your interview.

Once you make it to the interview, we want as much as you do for you to hit the interview out of the park.

Here are five easy tips to help you shine

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We’re looking for passionate, energetic, and goal-oriented people to join our rapidly expanding team.The desire for solar energy – and specifically Sungevity – is exploding and we need people who can help us sustain and build on this momentum.

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