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Save money
and the planet

Helping the environment doesn't have to mean
emptying your pockets.

With Sungevity, you can save money on your
electricity bill and lower your dependence on
scarce, expensive fossil fuels.

See what going solar with Sungevity can do for you

Why are you considering solar?

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy

  • Control energy choices and save money
  • Help the environment
  • Plan for the future and retirement
  • Be on the cutting edge
  • Maximize your money and your time
  • See — and feel — your solar savings
    every month
  • Make good, hassle-free energy choices
  • Take control of your electricity usage
  • Join Sungevity’s Rooftop Revolution
  • Feel good about saving energy and
    the environment
  • Help the U.S. focus on clean energy
  • Promote a model for sustainable living
  • Make your money work harder
  • Use all your appliances without having
    to choose
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars over
    the life of your solar energy plan
  • Help the U.S. get one step closer to
    energy independence
  • Use the latest technology to save
    on electricity
  • Turn your home into a renewable energy
  • Get a sleek, custom-made home
    solar system
  • Build something good for the future

See what going solar
can do for you

Different people go solar for different reasons. But the
outcome is all the same: more sunshine, less of your electricity
bill and the chance to make a positive environmental impact.

How home solar magic happens


We install a beautiful, custom-designed home solar
system on your roof


Your system powers your appliances by converting
the sun's rays into electricity


The electricity you don’t use goes back into the grid
and — that's right — the utility company credits you!

Chart showing year-after-year savings with a Sungevity Solar Lease and the new electricity bill VS the old electricity bill

Sungevity solar energy plan

Our $0 down solar energy plans are the best in the industry.
They let you go solar with no upfront costs, so you don’t have
to wait to see a return on your investment. In fact, many
customers save from day one.

You’ll actually pay less for the electricity you use every day,
quite possibly saving thousands over time.

This price and percentage savings is not guaranteed. Actual prices and percentage saved may vary and are dependent on your home, electricity usage and utility company.

Rising electricity rates

Using finite resources like coal to produce electricity
means demand grows while supply declines. So
inevitably, your electricity bill will continue to go up.

With Sungevity, you can harness the power of the
sun to lock in low electricity rates for 20 years.

Watch Sungevity CEO Andrew “Birchy” Birch
explain why solar makes economic sense.

You can get up to a $1,000 state tax credit
if you live in Arizona and buy a system. 

The California state government offers some cash
rebates at the time of installation. This can
reduce the cost of your system by 10 to 15%.

More than $185 million has been paid in
incentives by Colorado to customers — people
like you — that’s more than 7,000 solar PV
system installations.

Connecticut encourages residents to go solar
by offering 100% sales-tax exemption,
performance-based rebates and annual utility
credits for excess power.

Delaware provides grants for the installation of
solar and wind renewable energy technologies.
You can apply for a grant to install a solar energy
system of up to 10 kW for your home. 

As part of their state-wide solar energy initiative,
Maryland offers grants and financial assistance for
solar energy projects. In addition, the state grants
are not treated as taxable income.

New Jersey was one of the first states to ensure
that residents with small on-site home solar
systems could easily connect to the grid and
receive compensation from the utility.

New York provides cash incentives for the
installation of PV systems of up to 25 kW for
residential sites.

State solar incentives

All the states Sungevity operates in have a keen interest in supporting solar renewable energy. You’ll see it by the solar tax credits and rebates. But don’t worry about paperwork — we figure it all out for you and reflect it in your pricing, whether you lease or buy your system.

Just look at your iQuote for all your savings details.

Going solar will offset the same amount of carbon as planting 13,500 trees or not driving 875,000 miles

Solar saves the planet

Solar energy is a completely renewable resource,
unlike coal, oil and gas. And it provides 6,000 times
more energy in just one day than the earth needs for
a whole year.

Plus, your solar system creates no emissions.
Just clean, green energy.

Solar jobs have grown almost 10 times faster than the national average

Home solar creates jobs

Solar is the fastest growing industry in the world. In fact,
solar and wind power have created more than 770,000 jobs
in the U.S. alone.

Even more impressive? Renewable-energy technologies
create more construction, manufacturing and installation
jobs than coal or natural gas.

Hey America … let’s get energy independent

Using the sun for energy is a beautiful thing. It lowers demand for costly foreign oil and other scarce resources. Plus, it uses 10x less land than oil and gas.* So the more we use solar to power our homes, the more energy independent we become.

To create ALL of America's electricity would require 10,000 square miles of solar panels VS 100,000 square miles of oil and gas facilities

Live sustainably

Living sustainably conserves energy and money. It requires
only a small investment and provides a big payback.

What can you do to cut down on your energy use?

  • Insulate your water heater and pipes
  • Replace your lights — with either CFLs or LEDs
  • Invest in a smart thermostat that learns your patterns
  • Go for an EnergyStar appliance (and get a rebate!)
  • Install energy-efficient windows

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