We only have one home. It should be powered by sunshine.

Positive energy powers our mission

Sunshine powers our systems. And not just the kind you think. You also get the positive energy of all our people. We call it “shining from within.“ Our founders made positive energy one of the pillars of the company when they started it in 2007. Everyone from our leadership team on down has been building on it ever since.

Meet our founders and leadership team

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Our story

Watch our founders – Andrew “Birchy” Birch, Danny Kennedy and Alec Guettel – tell the story of Sungevity.

Sunshine improves the environment by tons

When you decide to power your life with sunshine, it can be a bit hard to fathom the actual difference you make for the environment. So we put some numbers to it. The solar energy generated by an average 6 kW Sungevity Energy System over 20 years is estimated to offset about 118 metric tons of CO2.* That’s equivalent to:


Tons of coal not burned


Miles of driving avoided


Tree seedlings absorbing CO2 for 10 years

Now, imagine an entire network of customers making the same difference.

We’ve helped our nonprofit partners two million times over

We’ve raised over $2 million for our nonprofit partners, helping support their critical work. When members of their networks make the switch to generating energy from sunshine, they can benefit themselves, their organization and the environment.

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